The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is a not for profit private organization which does not charge admission for its museum tours. For more than 20 years it has been funded entirely by Dann and Roberta Spear. However, in order to properly store and display our ever expanding collection and construct our new 6,000 sq ft wing and library center, we are asking for monetary donations, something we have never done before.

All contributions to the museum are tax deductible.  


Our collection has grown over the years thanks to the many veterans and their families who have graciously given materials and memories to tell the story of American veterans to the public and to future generations. If you, your family, or your organization have any items which you think may find a  place in our collection, please contact us and let us know.



For monetary or item donations

or for any questions or comments

Please contact Dann Spear, museum founder, director, and curator






 This page was last updated on March 05, 2017