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Floyd Jones presents Dann a donation check from the Feather Falls Casino to the Museum.

Photo is of Gordon by his display put up 29 years ago in the Museum.

Steve Frey and Gordon Osborne both mere at Tuy Hoa, Viet Nam the same unit with the Air Force and at the Museum ,after almost 50 years and enjoyed their memories. 
Dann, thank you sooo much for today. It meant a lot to my Dad. Especially meeting Steve and getting the link to the annual reunion data.
You are such a great person, you will probably never know how great my dear friend!!
I posted the pics and your business card on Facebook.
I enjoyed catching up... be sure to tell Bert & the boys hello from us & give them hugs!!
Love, Jackie Watson

Cindy Verrill served in the USAF during Desert Storm at Taif, Saudi Arabia.  They could not go off base unless they wore an "ABAYA".  She brought in hers that she wore there with a photo of her wearing it.  She said they would wear these over their desert uniforms and they were a real pain in the butt !.

Beale Air Force Honor Guard Team giving a class to the Hmongs on flag folding and drill for their newly organized Hmong Honor Guard team at the Museum.

Rock donated by Joey Moorehead owner of  Butte Sand and Gravel, With Dann spreading the donation.

Huey Blades donated by Jones Flying service in Biggs CA. Unloaded by Chris Taylor and Museum Staff.

Becky Davies with her husbands U-2 flight suit display

Helene and Michael Andrews brought in a Civil War canteen, buckles and a Gettysburg unit position map of the battle lines.

Becky Davies brought in her late husband, Major Richard Davies (USAF PILOT) Mess dress with medals and wings, U-2 (DRAGON LADY)  flight suit his photos as a tribute to her husband.  Major Davies flew RF-4's in Viet Nam earning 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 4 Bronze Stars and the Viet Nam Cross of Gallantry with Palm.  He went on to fly the U-2 Recon plane putting in over 1000 flight hours.  After he retired from the Air Force, he went to NASA where he flew the EB-2.  He retired as a Major.

Veterans pictures being taken at the museum for display by the Yuba Sutter Regional Arts Council on March 4th 2017.

Captain Roger Bushman (US Navy - Ret) brought in a signed photo.  He wore his uniform for the Veterans photo portraits shoot by the Arts Council held at the Museum.

Austin and Mary Webb being photographed for the Veterans photo portraits shoot by the Arts Council held at the Museum.


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