More pictures will be added over time, be sure to check back.

 If you have something to add to our collection, please contact Dann at 530-742-3090 or email at cws21779@aol.com


Mike Zieman with a Korean War dated US Air Force Pilots helmet he found in a barn in Bangor, CA. 

Cpt. Frank Nelson holding his signed photo he brought in.  He is in front of his modified B-26 at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.  He flew 185 missions over Laos with the 609th Air Commando Sqn.  He was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medals for his support of operations in Laos. (also known as the Secret War.)

Jered Littlefield (USN VET) donated a model of the P-40 airplane scratch built with markings from the 'AVG' in China.  Made from balsa wood and fabric.

Paul Coelho with his ships patch and photo in uniform.  He did 2 tours in Viet Nam as a RD 2nd Class with the Navy shelling Viet Nam positions while on board the USS Carronade.

Maj. Fergeson with 1st Shirt Davis at the Museum for a function with the 9th AMXS SQN from Beale.

SSGt. Stefan Wilson-Kurachiski giving Dann the reflective belt.

Nolan Goble with Dann doing research on World War I trenches for his Eagle Scout project.

Keith Romig brought in displays of his Father as a tribute to him.  (See Keith's write up)  His Father would have turned 100 years old on March 16.  He fought in 3 major battles in the Pacific during World War II including the landing on Leyte.

CMSgt. Clarence "Kip" Vold, USAF (RET) Served a t U-Tapao during Viet Nam with the 28th ARS from Nov 72 - Mar 73 during Linebacker II.  He donated photos, a book he wrote, Farmer's son to Military Service, and 2 drink containers used aboard the aircraft for water and coffee during missions, as well as his hat and SR-1 Clock.

Tony Pinto, 2 tours in VietNam with the 1st Cav Div enjoying the company of REUBEN, the comfort dog at the Museum today.  Reuben is loved by Veterans when they go to military events.

Photos taken today at the Museum with 1st Sgt James Casner, Viet Nam Vet, Iraq Vet 2004 -2005 and Afghanistan et 2012 with "REUBEN" a comfort dog that he takes to military events, churches, schools, nursing homes and disaster events.  REUBEN brings smiles to those who get a hug and pet from him.  This program is sponsored by the First Luthern  Church in Yuba City, CA.  See his face book page:  ReubenComfortDog


Kevin Forstner with a World War II  PRC-29 wooden radio container box that was donated by Sherry Reese.

This is from one of my Tan Son Nhut Association Members, Harlan

Joe-TSN - NOV 28, 1971

MAJ Thompson-1999

Joe's Story

Subject: donation of USAF uniforms

My name is Joe Thompson. Some time ago I was referred to you by Harlan Hatfield. Harlan and I are members of the Tan Son Nhut Association and he told me of your organization at one of our Reunion’s

I would like to donate to the museum my USAF dress blues, fatigues & other article from my time in the USAF. It is of note that I also wore while assigned to the 9th Field Maintenance SQ (FMS) at Beale AFB back early 70’s. Some of the fatigues still have the fuel spots on them from the notorious fuel leaks of the SR-71. I was a fuel system repairman at the time. I will pay for the shipping to your location. I do not want to throw these away as I wore them with much honor during a time when many others said "hell no I won’t go" !

I have attached several photos for your review. Should you need more information please do not hesitate to call me.

Joe Thompson

Hi Joe:

Thank you for your service and Welcome Home !

I would be honored to add your uniforms to the Museums displays. If possible, could you send a couple of photos of you when you were with the SR-71 program, on flightline or ones that you like of yourself in uniform? I would like it if you could write on the front of the photos: To Dann, when you served and with the SR-71 and dates and sign them so I can display with them with the uniforms. That way, it is a personnel tribute to your service !

Thank you again!

Dann Spear

Dann thank you I am humbled ! I will start to work on this tomorrow. I served at Beale, Tan Son Nhut AFB and was discharged at McGuire AFB NJ in 1973….After I was discharged from the USAF I joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard where I served as an Infantry NCO up to E-7 than later earned a commissioned. I eventually retired after 33 years as a Major (O-4) with the Army reserves. However during that time I was also called up for Panama and Haiti. It was a good ride! Still miss it!

Once again Thank You !!! Also thank you for your service and what you do.


Thank You Joe !

Awesome career ! Could you also send a photo of you as an Officer. Truly a unique career that you had ! Thank You again. WELCOME HOME !


Dann, here are a couple of photos from 1971 at Tan Son Nhut AFB with our shop mascot as an E-4 (age 20) and my last official photo for personnel records as an O-4 at age 48. Photos of me around the SR-71 will be difficult…in the early 70’s we could not go near the flight line with a camera.

I have done many stupid things in my life ….staying in uniform for 33 years is not one of them. It is paying me back for my service to this country.


All the best to you !


Click here to see more of Joe's TSN story.


Larry Houk

Good friends, Museum Supporters and Awesome Volunteers, Jack Odom, Don Schrader, and Larry Houk with Dann in the Library.

Leland "Rock" Nelson brought his his USN album, photo at boot camp and his Navy uniform with in country stitching, (Has ships arch from the USS Ranger). 

He did 3 Viet Nam cruises on the USS Ranger  during his service from 1964 -1968.

Kenneth Scott brought in his photo album from his Korean War service in 1952 when he was a bomb loader at K-1 and K-9 Air Bases in Korea.

Lt. Col. (Ret) Wilbur Tracy with photo of himself in uniform he signed.  He flew 33 missions in a B17 bomber from Italy in World War II.

Was so good to see you and so happy your Museum has grown so much.
Rudy & Chris Reyes

Rudy was here 31 years ago for the opening of the Museum ceremonies.  He is pointing to his display which is in same place in the first building of the Museum that was put up 31 years ago! He was with the Riverine Forces in the Delta of Viet Nam, Dann.

Our Webmaster Harlan Hatfield

Andrea and Garrett Tugigle from the Beale Airmans Attic shop on Beale Air Force Base donated Viet Nam and Cold War Air Force uniforms, boots, and Officers hat in box  on Saturday.

Dann, SSgt Holtz (Beale AFB) and Floyd Jones with paperwork to pick up the remaining SR-71 "Start Cart" from the old 9th Recon Wing SR-71 program that was donated to the Museum by Beale.

Hmong Attendees at memorial dedication.

Museum Board Members after receiving resolutions from the Hmong Community.  Dann, Mary, Jake, Tony, Mike, and Don

Otis Croy, WW II B-24 bomber crew member brought in his deceased brothers flag and photo to remember and honor his brother.

Photo of Larry Reichert with a 81 mm mortar shell canister and a recovered Civil War Burnside cavalry carbine that his Dad had found in a burned building that he brought in for the Museum.

Aleta Zak brought in a World War I trench art ship made from spent shell casings in 1918.  It was made by a relative named Frank Brooke, a private in the Army in France during World War I.


Photo is of Mrs. Twyla Johnson and her daughter, Brenda Neumann holding a photo of her husband James Albert Johnson who was a Marine in World War II who fought on Iwo Jima.  They brought in and signed the photo in his memory.

Col. Vic Adamson (US Army - Ret) signing his uniform and hat from Desert Storm.

Mark Johnson (Viet Nam Vet) and his wife with a World War II radio and manual they donated.

From left to right Dale, Jonathan, Nolan (brothers) Bill (father)

Chris Harbert and Gail Madsen by the F.W. Andreason display you showed us today.
Thank you very much for the tour and for doing such a great job of the display of my father-in-law's military uniform, equipment and history.  It was truly rewarding to see how you have dealt with all of the donated items.

Vic Davis brought in a 1943 World War II Certificate for being a Civilian Observer.  Awarded by the Army Air Corps with miniature  wings for watching our shores for enemy aircraft.



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