Honor, Respect and Remember Veterans.

People come here to pay respect.

People come here to learn.

People come here to ponder.

People come here for healing.



A good time was had by all.



What a Crew

Opening Speech

Presentation of awards

Awards Presented.

Lets Eat!

Lets Eat!

Fighting over the last Oreo!!! Tony won.

Oh yes it was Roberta and Dann Spears fortieth Anniversary day too.

Happy Anniversary with many more to come!

The annual Museum Board, Wives and , Families Volunteers Christmas party 2013.

It looks like it is getting deep in here.  grin

May 19, 2012  Naval Sea Cadet Corps color guard present colors at our 26th Annual Veterans Potluck.

TAPS being played the annual ceremony (potluck) by Sgt Tony Pinto (2 tour Vietnam Vet and Museum Board Member)

Richard and Arnie perform the POW Flag folding ceremony at the annual potluck.

Northern Recon Group support at annual potluck at the museum May 19, 2012 displaying restored vehicles.

Major Cary Simpson of the Northern Recon Group at potluck shares history of some of the vehicles displayed by the NRG members.

Northern Recon Group display during the annual Armed Forces Day Potluck.

Supervisor John Nicolette Yuba County supervisor visiting with the Airmen.

BBQ at museum March 29, 2012 Beale NCO rising 6 Club BBQ Docents Tony and Richard were invited to the front of the line

Pot Luck held on May 21st, 2011

The Beale AFB Honor Guard Team Checking their display.

Dragon Lady Model Club with a display of Navy models.

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts presenting colors at the museum during a ceremony. They are from Woodland - We believe at the Museum that it is never too early to have the kids involved to learn about the history of our country and what those who have served our military have done for us.

John Beata and Wayne Leikham waiting for lunch.

John is a WWII B-25 Pilot of the 499th Bomb Squadron, while Wayne was Navy between Korea and Vietnam wars.

Pot Luck held on May 15th, 2010




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