Museum Board and Wives Christmas Meeting / Dinner.

A good time was had by all, and even got to watch the movie "White Christmas" Dann's Favorite.

2011 Marysville Veterans Day Parade

The above three pictures furnished by the Northern Recon Group

The museum had it's newest display item the LCVP LST1162 as an entry and it seems it was a big hit, with the vets who rode in it as well as the audience. 



Saturday May 21st, 2011

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts presenting colors at the museum during a ceremony. They are from Woodland - We believe at the Museum that it is never too early to have the kids involved to learn about the history of our country and what those who have served our military have done for us.

Dragon Lady Model Club with a display of Navy Models.

Restored Military Vehicles shown by Northern Recon Group.

John Beata and Wayne Leikham waiting for lunch. 

John is a WWII B-25 Pilot of the 499th Bomb Squadron, while Wayne was navy between Korea and Vietnam wars.

Great Lunch, Great Food, Great Time.

Some other events held at the museum.

Local Youth came to the museum to assist in a sprucing up

They toured the museum and listened to one of the local veterans share stories and explain some of the museum pieces.





 The Santa Barbara Sea Cadets came to visit The Museum  Of The Forgotten Warriors 


A memorial service held at the museum for a deceased Viet Nam Veteran who rode.

  The beginning of the "Rolling Thunder ride to the Wall" with escort by  the local police jurisdictions.

 300 bikes came to the museum.


The pot luck party on 15 May, 2010

Vehicles of the Northern Recon Group.

 Display of models built by the Dragon lady IPMS Club and Hillcrest Hobbies of Yuba City


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