VOLUNTEERS  At the Museum


ACME/BEN Toilet rentals have been a big supporter of the Museum though the years.



Tony Pinto's Grand Kids volunteering at the museum washing equipment to honor Veterans during the Armed Forces Day Potluck.


Tony Pintos Grand kids volunteer at the Museum.


USAF Volunteer putting out the flags for Armed Forces Day Potluck


USAF Volunteers from Beale Air Force Base Airman Leadership School class 12E "Iraqi Freedom Flight" from the Pitsenbarger PME Center on Beale AFB.


Volunteers from the 9th Communication Squadron at Beale AFB;  SSGT Richard Anderson, TSGT Jason Morse and SSGT William Proffitt.


Volunteers from the 9th Communications squadron at Beale  SSGT Richard Anderson, SRA Michael Nichols, A1C Demetrius Haslett and SRA Cory Norman.


This photo shows a group from the 13th Intelligence Squadron, Beale AFB.  They volunteered in May



Volunteers putting up the camo netting for the upcoming Potluck.


The above photos are of the Airman Leadership Volunteers helping at the Museum.


Airman Leadership Class from Beale Air Force Base, who volunteered with the Dog Tag Display and Painted the Building.




JACK ODOM, Vietnam vet and general contractor who has been instrumental in the construction an displays at the museum.  We cannot say a big enough thank you to Jack, Josh and his 'Stretch' for they have done!

Msgt. Jason Davis (rt) and his 9th Communications Squadron from Beale AFB volunteering their time on the Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial dog tag display.  Jason is the First Sergeant of the Squadron.  The other Airmen helping are SSgt Ramey, AB Barnes, AB Davis and A1c Paulino in this photo and photo #2.

Photo 2


Note the Reverence to those who gave their lives - Holding the strung tags off the ground before putting on the poles in their memory.

Beale AFB volunteers painted the building, placed conduit under the dog tags, hung photos in the building and hung up another 1500 tags they strung.


Mike Ueckert staining and varnishing the shelves for the library


Camp Singer Volunteers, and they got even got lunch.

The Pinto families grand kids volunteer to honor our veterans at the museum while learning our country's heritage through displaying our country's flags of the military, historic and American flags down the entrance road to the museum. (May 30, 2011)

Pinto family grandkids fold the Garrison flag 5/30/2011

The Pinto family grand kids folding 'Old Glory" Garrison Flag. They volunteer their time at the museum. May 30, 2011



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