This page shows off our Special Displays, which we are very proud of.

The SR-71 Signed by personnel who served in the SR-71 Program


The new display cases are being filled now!

The Begining

The Home Depot Store Yuba City #1019 picked up grant materials.  Team Depot and museum board members.

Our board of directors picking p material at the home depot - Yuba City Store.  Assistant manager for the store RickWeta, Austin, Tony, Mary, Richard and Don from the museum board.

Bob Boyer -  Sutter County Building Official laying out the cases.

Veteran Volunteers, (ltr) Don Schrader, Dave Flanders and Steve Frey making 2 X 4 cuts.

Veterans, Steve and Richard bringing in 2 X 4's for the cases.

Joe Pottinger (the Home Depot) and USAF Vet Steve Frey lay out a case.

Cases almost ready to stand.

"Team Depot" Members in the museum who were helping Veteran volunteers.  L to R  Center is Char Me Blanchard, who wrote the museum grant.

Suk Paen Kuy holds up soffett (he is volunteering from the Home Depot.)  Arnie Roff (vet volunteer nails end.

Cases taking shape.

Board members Richard Sawyer and Tony Pinto BBQ lunch for the crew of volunteer vets and the Home Depot Crew.


This may be one of the most powerful displays in the museum. Each dog tag represents a military person who was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. One visitor after observing the display noted the reflections on the ground ( the white spots are reflections from tags ) represented the souls of the lost military heroes I believe he was right.


Jack Odom (Vietnam Veteran) with tape laying out the Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial Dog Tag Display with the volunteers from Beale Air Force base's Airman Leadership School - Most of them had just gotten home from a tour in the Sand.

Setting the posts for the Iraq/Afghanistan dog tag memorial at the museum - Airmen volunteered from the ALS class at Beale AFB.

Leadership class stringing the tags.

Light sand represents Iraq.

9th Comm. Squadron placing gray rock to represent Afghanistan on perimeter.

ALS (Airman Leadership Class Volunteers) from Beale stringing dog tags.

9th Comm Squadron Beale AFB 1st Sgt "JD" Davis in command setting the Flag Pole.

1st Sgt Association from Beale AFB at morning briefing held at the museum.

Simply Spectacular Display! Be sure to visit it.!


Memorial Garden

This is our LCVP!

LCVP displayed at the Museum now, and every one wants their picture taken in it!

Col. Nicoll Galbraith Jr. on left with Major Cary Simpson on right in the donated LCVP Landing Craft after it was delivered. Major Simpson is starting the restoration work. It was donated by the Yuba County Water Agency.

Cotie Spear, Roberta Spear, Major Cary Simpson and Don Schrader with the LCVP.

Sanding it down getting it ready for a fresh paint job.

We are EXCITED!! In getting it ready to paint the original name was found. It is USNS WAHKIAKUM !

Sand that wheel.

Lots of work goes into a restoration.

The LCVP returns from the Veterans Day Parade for the Christening ceremony.

LCVP at dedication with restored vehicles from the Northern Recon Group who came to and were part of the dedication of the LCVP Nov. 11, 2011

Pat Showers in red at dedication of LCVP after parade at museum on Nov. 11,2011 - Dedicated in memory of John Showers USN-Korean War Vet who was a founding board member. Speaker: Dann Spear Left to right Don Schrader- Board Member and LCVP restorer. Bill Zoellin, Yuba County Water Agency which donated the LCVP. Tommy Holtzman (Derrick Marine) who had hauled the LCVP and set it up at the museum, he is a member of Coast Guard Auxillary. Judy and Major Cary Simpson who did the restoration and painting of LCVP. Not shown was Chuck Ouimette who towed the LCVP in the Veterans Day Parade with his World War II HalfTrack.

Pat Showers Christened the LCVP with a bottle of champagne in dedication to John's memory when it was put on permanent display at the museum Nov. 11, 2011.

Dann Spear Speaking.

The restoration work was amazing: Left to Right Don Schrader, Bill Zoellin, Judy and Major Cary Simpson. Bill Zoellin represented the Yuba County Water Agency standing with Judy and Cary at the dedication Nov. 11, 2011. 

 At the dedication left Nicoll Galbrath Jr. Col. Ret. Us Army Medical Corps, talks with Commander Joe Langdell, USN, who survived on the USS Arizona during Pearl Harbor Attack, he is 97 years old. Bill Zoellin from the Yuba County Water Agency who donated the LCVP is on right, at the Nov. 11, 2011 dedication.

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