The Northern Recon Group is a group of military vehicle collectors and restorers who have supported the museum in the past and continue to do so.

The Tri Counties Blue Star Moms is a terrific Support Group.

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Due to the Covid19 problems our operations we will observing are the following:  Starting October 3rd we will be on our winter hours, observing all covid19 protocols, until either released or again restristed by the State or County health agencys.    Roberta



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Unless rules change again we will Reopen October 3rd.

9am to 1 pm on Saturdays or by appointment. 

Call for special arrangements /private tours
Call for group visit appointments:

Don Schrader (530) 682-0674  or   Roberta Spear (530) 742-3090.

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 This is My Town: The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors


The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors and Library Center is dedicated to all veterans.


This is a statement from the plaque General Austin sent to the museum when the United States was winding down in Iraq. 

We feel this sums up our goal very well.

The passing of Dann Spear, creator and curator of the museum, required an adjustment of board member officer responsibilities.

President                    Roberta Spear                             Board Members

Vice President           Carson S                                      Tony P

Vice President           Brandon S                                    Richard S

Secretary/Curator    Don S                                            Bill C

Treasurer                  Mary W                                        Austin W 

The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors will continue to opperate as it always has.  We are following in Dann's footsteps as best we can.  We understand his commitment to veterans and their families and will continue to serve the community.  Our Winter hours are Saturday  from 9:00 A.M.  to 2:00 P.M. from October to May.  Because of the summer heat, Jun begins our Saturday summer hours of 9:00 to 1:00 P.M. through September.                                 

If you would like to schedule a special visit or a group tour, contact Don Schrader at 530-682-0674. We are always open on Veterans Day, November 11, and Memorial Day, May 28, this year. Thank you all for your continued support. Overcome and adapt is what my husband taught me and that is my plan.

Best Regards,  Roberta Spear

The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors continues to grow and now is established as a non-profit corporation with a 501c(3) tax-exempt status.

Donations may be made to the museum.  Monetary donations may be made by checks made to The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors at the address below.

Museum of Forgotten Warriors

5865 A Road

Marysville CA 95901


  To all of our veterans:

Thank you for your service

Welcome Home!!

And our Museum continues to grow






We are located in Yuba County in Northern California

We are east of the city of Marysville, and west of Beale Air Force Base

Our address is:

5865 A Road

Marysville, CA 95901

Driving Directions from Sacramento

Take the I-5 North

To the 99 North

To the 70 North

 Exit North Beale Road

Take North Beale to the East

Continue on North Beale Road Past Yuba College

Turn Right on A Road. There is a museum sign on the corner of North Beale Road and A Road.

We are located near the end of A Road on the left hand side.

Over 2000 American flags have been placed in Honor of and remembrance to Veterans in the Museum yard for the Hmong Celebration, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.


This is a special notice! 

Tony Pinto has volunteered to play taps on his bugle for funeral services for veterans. We also do the flag folding ceremony as well.  All he asks for is a donation to the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors at Marysville California.

For information contact Roberta Spear (530) 742-3090 or Don Schrader (530) 682-0674.



Where We Have Been

At the age of ten, Dann Spear, founder of the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors, started collecting military memorabilia, patches and photos from his friends to whom he wrote while they served in the Viet Nam War. In 1965 he had a dream of someday having a museum to honor veterans who served. He was invited to a reunion of World War II Veterans of the "Flying Tigers-AVG" who flew in China, and was given a photo from Tex Hill, a squadron leader and fighter ace. It was signed "To my young friend, Danny," and he included a note saying that he hoped the picture would make a nice addition to his museum. As early as 1966, Dann's dream had been formulated. Dann continued to collect personal photos and stories from veterans, and set up display at conventions and museums.

Dann and his wife, Roberta, moved to Marysville in 1977. In 1981, after displaying portions of his collection throughout Northern California, he and his good friend, John Showers, began work on what was to be the first museum building. The official opening was in January, 1985, with Brigadier General Don Matson in attendance as the guest speaker.

The response since the opening has been tremendous, with a second and third wing added to the museum between 1985 and 2003. The over 46,000 artifacts in it have continued to grow. The items range from tanks, cannons, and helicopters, to the oldest a relic, a remnant of a blanket from Colonel Galbraith's great-grandfather, who had the blanket when he was captured by the British in the Revolutionary War. Dann has a brick that was sent to him by Master Sergeant Roscoe Presley, from a building that was taken by the Americans from the Taliban during Operation Enduring Freedom. All of the displays represent a personal tribute to each person who has served our great nation throughout our history. Personal letters to Dann from friends in Viet Nam are displayed as well as uniforms, equipment, photos, papers and relics that have been dug up from the ground after battle. He also has full sized mannequins dressed in enemy uniforms.

The Museum of the Forgotten Warriors continues to grow and now is established as a non-profit corporation with a 501c(3) tax-exempt status. At the urging of many people, Dann had decided to expand the museum once again and add a new library center. Since 1985, Dann and Roberta have financed and built the museum and additions without any financial aid or monetary donations, and have kept it open to the public free of charge. Now that the museum is tax-exempt, the museum Board of Directors may accept donations to build the proposed 6000 square foot addition and library center that will be overseen by its Board of Directors. The Board will ensure that the museum remains an asset to Northern California, its veterans and their families.

Where We Are Going

On Memorial Day 2007, the museum had a groundbreaking ceremony for its new addition, a 6,000 sq foot wing which will house exhibit space and a library center. For the first time in its more than 20 years, the museum is accepting donations specifically to fund this expansion. Please visit out EVENTS page to see pictures of the groundbreaking and visit our SUPPORT page to see how you can help us move into our next phase.

In Memory Colonel Nicoll F. Galbraith, M. D.

July 13, 1932 - Apr 4, 2012

Colonel Nicoll F. Galbraith, M. D. passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his family. He was 79 years of age.  He considered it an honor and privilege to serve this community as a physician for many years. He was honored to serve in the military as a physician also. He leaves behind his three children Davis, Robert and Susan.


In Memory of Edith Galbraith, board member and supporter.






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